Gulfstream G600 prototype on display


Expert Vehicle Prototyping

Prefix Corporation specializes in creating prototypes and concept properties that bring new innovative designs to life.

Companies rely on prototypes as crucial tools in the product development process, serving as tangible representations of conceptual ideas before entering mass production. Prototypes allow for hands-on testing and evaluation of a product’s design, functionality, and performance, providing valuable insights for refinement and improvement. By creating prototypes, companies can identify and address potential issues, validate design choices, and gather user feedback to enhance the final product. Prototyping is particularly vital in industries such as technology, automotive, and consumer goods, where innovation and user experience are paramount.

Prefix has demonstrated success and technical expertise in the creation of prototypes, including: lighting appearance models, adjustable corner models, and full-scale advanced Programmable Vehicle Models (PVM). The Prefix team’s expertise lies in applying advanced prototype development methods and the technologies necessary to bring new products to reality.

Prototyping Examples

Prototype Seating Buck

Full-scale models for film industry

Google car test model

Fabrication begins on an aerospace prototype