Precision machning at Prefix

Precision Machining

CNC Machining at Prefix

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining plays a pivotal role in today's manufacturing industry due to its unparalleled precision, efficiency, and versatility in producing intricate, high-quality milled components. Prefix's CNC machining center is indispensable to its diverse market segments, including aerospace, automotive, military, and any client projects that demand meticulous adherence to specifications and tight tolerances. To meet the ever-growing needs of clients from around the globe, Prefix has continuously expanded its impressive machining facility, ensuring it remains at the forefront of advanced manufacturing capabilities.

The Prefix CNC center includes the following equipment:

  • (2) Tarus 5-axis mills: X axis 3658mm, Y axis 3048mm, Z axis 1168mm travel with 1279mm of daylight
  • (1) Fidia DL321Q (5-axis mill): X axis 3000mm, Y axis 2200mm, Z axis 1200mm
  • (1) Fidia G996 (5-rotary, 5-axis mill): X axis 850mm, Y axis 950mm, Z axis 600mm
  • (1) CMS (5-axis router/mill): X axis 2600mm, Y axis 1500mm, Z axis 1200mm
  • (1) HAAS UMC-750 (5-axis mill): X axis 650mm, Y axis 500mm, Z axis 450mm
  • (2) 80/30 Fadal (3-axis mills): X axis 2032mm, Y axis 1524mm, Z axis 600mm
  • (1) HAAS VF-7 (3-axis mill): X axis 2032mm, Y axis 1524mm, Z axis 600mm
Scenes from the CNC center: workers operating the machinery and sample product
Worker in Prefix CNC machining center
CNC milled parts
Worker in Prefix CNC machining center