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What type of paint facility does Prefix operate?

Prefix operates a 129,000 square foot world-class paint and finishing facility, capable of both high and low bake paint applications, with extensive paint experience and the testing equipment necessary to match your factory color, paint structure, and texture exactly (high or low gloss). Prefix performs low volume production paint programs, media prep vehicle finishing, and the highest quality show car finishes in the industry.

Why is Prefix chosen to build such a variety of Concept Vehicles?

Prefix has wide-ranging capabilities that include everything required to create highly advanced and technical concepts for the automotive and aviation markets. This also provides customers with an environment where their projects can be completely created under one roof. This is extremely important as it relates to project confidentiality, build efficiency, and on-time delivery.

Is Prefix involved with new electric and autonomous vehicle designs?

Yes, the Prefix team is involved with everything from assisting with new vehicle designs, creating drivable concepts, and developing the software needed for such advanced technologies.

Does Prefix only build complete vehicle concepts?

No, typically less than a dozen complete concept cars are built each year. Most often we are involved with creating prototype designs, vehicle corner models, lighting mockups that bring new headlight and taillight designs to life for the first time, additional design verification models, and seating bucks.

What materials do you most often use in molding?

Our fabricated parts are made from hand laid carbon fiber or fiberglass. PVC is used in our vacuum forming process, while smaller parts are made from hand-poured resin in silicone molds.

What type of rapid prototyping does Prefix perform?

3D printing. When specific projects require rapid prototype or stereolithography (SLA) components, we can grow highly precise parts with a maximum tolerance of 0.3 over large models, with ultra-fine details in all dimensions.

What type of engine work is performed at Prefix?

The engine and performance division within Prefix provides experienced engine design, engineering, development and testing for OEMs, race teams and special industry projects. This department includes a variety of high-level analytical tools and measurement systems, as well as extensive engine rebuild and testing equipment.

Why is lighting such an important part of the auto industry and the Prefix operation?

Lighting has become the jewelry of new automobiles. With rapid advances in LED and Laser technologies, new lighting designs will continue to evolve quickly. Prefix is one of the only American prototype facilities capable of creating accurate one-off prototypes that appear and operate exactly like the engineers and designers intended.

Is Prefix involved with racing and performance vehicles?

Yes. In addition to our engine development team, Prefix also builds low volume specialty niche vehicles, including the Baja-Inspired Minotaur RAM truck, limited edition Viper convertible and Targa models, and other special high-performance projects.

Why is Prefix so perfectly suited for low volume production?

Two of the Prefix facilities are easily adaptable and can be configured for a wide variety of low volume production projects. Sub-assembly of integral components, production vehicle paint, and full vehicle assembly can be completed at Prefix.