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If You Can Dream It...

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Themed attractions are immersive, curated experiences designed to transport visitors into a specific, often fantastical environment. These attractions are meticulously crafted to tell a cohesive and engaging story, creating a sense of escapism and wonder. Commonly found in amusement parks, theme parks, and entertainment complexes, themed attractions extend beyond rides to include entire zones or areas where architecture, landscaping, decor, and entertainment are all tailored to a particular theme.

The Entertainment division at Prefix works with the world’s largest themed attraction companies, leveraging the same diverse range of capabilities and innovative processes used in the other markets they serve. Prefix offers creative design, engineering, and build services to theme parks, museums, and specialty event companies and their attractions. The Prefix Entertainment team brings their contagious enthusiasm for storytelling and guest experiences to developing rides, animated props, and mechanical effects.

Our range of services for this market include:

  • Concept ideation and development
  • Project management
  • Feasibility
  • Prototype development and mock-ups
  • Software development and electronics
  • Precision CNC machining and fabrication
  • Rapid prototype creation
  • World-class paint and finishing
  • Lighting

Let’s build your story together.

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