Prefix at a Glance

Prefix Headquarters in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Celebrating 40 years of business in 2019, Michigan-based Prefix Corporation began in 1979 developing innovative design and engineering solutions for the automotive industry. Today the company has dramatically expanded their capabilities, working in the aviation, automotive, amusement, motion picture, exhibit, and other industries. Prefix takes great pride in being one of America’s top resources for bringing new ideas and innovations to reality.

  • Product Design services
  • Surface modeling and engineering
  • Electric and autonomous vehicle technologies
  • Fabrication and advanced composites
  • Complete concept vehicle builds
  • Low volume custom vehicle production
  • Luxury interiors and trim
  • Lighting development and production
  • Product prototyping and modeling
  • Software development, optical bonding, and electronics
  • Precision machining and fabrication
  • World-class paint and finishing
  • Engine design, development, build and testing


Recent Instagram Posts

NRA execs present Mr William Good With his check and a brand new Kryptek edition truck from PREFIX Corporation. @kryptekoutdoorgroup
Throughout 2019, we’ve been introducing you to some of the amazing people who contribute greatly to the success that we are fortunate enough to enjoy here at Prefix Corporation. This week, we highlight Mr Daniel Erickson. Daniel started with the organization back in 2013 and is currently Production Manager, responsible for some very cool low volume manufacturing projects. Although he describes himself as an introvert… most of us who know him (and his sense of humor) are SURE he’s probably doing stand-up comedy somewhere on the weekends. When asked if he owns any special vehicles, he responded… “Most think my VW Jetta station wagon is pretty special.” When it comes to favorite foods, it is a three-way tie… Peanut Butter, Cole Slaw, & Better Made BBQ Chips! He says that he doesn’t usually leave the Detroit area, but would love to visit the Sistine Chapel someday. Daniel prefers Indie Rock and Soul music, and if he could meet anyone famous… he thinks hanging out with Prince or Plato would be really cool. Favorite Superhero? Daniel says “Robin, because nobody else likes that guy.” Holy $%##& Batman!
Happy Friday! What ya hatching for the weekend?
The Prefix team enjoyed a great BBQ lunch this week at our facilities. Well deserved for this hard working team!
Throughout 2019, we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary by introducing you to some of the amazing people who make the organization what it is. This week, we meet Beverly Whetstone. Beverly started with Prefix in 2012 and is the Quality Manager at our Auburn Hills facility. Beverly says that she doesn’t have a favorite project, as everything we do here is so unique and interesting. When she isn’t at Prefix, you can find her cruising with her husband on their 115th Anniversary Harley trike to interesting destinations around the state. When not on the bike, she’s likely tending to her garden, or playing games with her nieces and nephews. When it comes to favorite food, Beverly loves anything from the sea, and… music? Classic Rock & Country. She says that the top of her favorite superhero list is her Mom & Dad. And… person she would most like to have lunch with? Clint Eastwood. And… although she is scared to death of heights… she absolutely loves the thrill of skydiving. Beverly, we think Clint would approve! “Make My Day!”
As part of our 40th Anniversary celebration, we continue to introduce you to some of the amazing individuals that make Prefix what it is. This week, we highlight Mr Dave Down. Dave is currently one of our lead Estimators, but started with the organization way back in 1984, helping to mold the very young company, (along with a small handful of others) all wearing a LOT of hats and figuring it out as they went. Dave recalls a few projects that stand out… like assembling cruise missile engines with a welding robot. The time the team designed and built controls for a continuous casting machine that precisely extruded molten metal from a water-cooled mold, (one mistake and the liquid metal could melt everything in its path), and of course… developing the control platform for the Programmable Vehicle Model (PVM) which the company patented and made a huge impact on the industry. When not in the office, Dave can probably be found playing or coaching a sport. Dave has competed at the national level in two different sports and has supported his kids activities as a coach. His favorite food? Mexican! And… if he could have lunch with any famous person, it would be either Ronald Reagan or U of M Coach John Beileine. Someday, Dave hopes to travel to Hawaii. Well… we say Aloha… “You’ve earned it!”